Drive Monitors

Drive Monitors provide a preemptive solution for avoiding application failures due to lack of disk space. DiskFerret is great for tracking down space hogging files, finding duplicate file, and determining where space is being wasted, but sometimes before you realize that you need to get to work with DiskFerret it's too late. Your drive is completely out of space and your applications are failing! This is especially critical to system administrators for servers that are running applications used by many users. Drive Monitors help you avoid this type of situation.

Continuous Monitoring and Email Notification

Drive monitors continuously check the available free space on local or remote drives, and when a user defined threshold is crossed DiskFerret will send an email alerting you (or multiple individuals) to the low disk space condition. When you receive an email that the drive is below its defined threshold you immediately know that you need to investigate the low space issue before critical applications fail.

Automatically Analyze Low Space Condition

Drive monitors can also be configured to immediately follow an alert situation with a disk scan. When the scan is complete the drive monitor sends a second email with a link to the completed scan file. So you get alerted when there is a potential problem, and then you get disk analytics handed to you on a silver platter with a single mouse click!

DiskFerret Service

Disk monitoring is performed by the DiskFerret service. Running as a service means you don't have to be logged into the system, which is essential for servers and system administrators. Services also allow you to specify the user that runs the process. An example of how this is useful is that you could configure DiskFerret to monitor drives on 10 other servers. By setting the user of the DiskFerret Service to a domain administrator account the DiskFerret Service can access all of the servers and not have to seperately configure the user credentials for each server.